Now you get to kick back and think of all the hilarity that you've just added to your event! We'll check in about two weeks before your event to remind you of some of the tips and tricks below as well as confirm your print mockup and any design elements that you have. If you have a custom logo that you would like added to your print, just send it our way at any time and we'll whip that right up for you!

Other than that, have fun relishing in the good decision you've just made! We can't wait to party with you and your friends!


1. The full booth takes up about a 12x12 space. It can fit into smaller spaces if you need it to, but in it's full and glorious form, 12x12 is best!

2. All we need from the venue is somewhere nearby to plug-in and a 6ft table for all the amazing props! If you don't have a 6ft table, let us know and we can bring one!

3. SUN IS THE ENEMY! Well, kind of. In order to create the best images possible, somewhere in the shade is best for the booth! If sun is the only choice, the booth can still absolutely operate, but the images will be sun-lit and not flash-lit, so keep that in mind.